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  1. Yesterday
  2. Een preview van de toekomstige Flirt 3 v4.0 update van ChrisTrains. Route is mijn persoonlijk test route. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6h5tgk4shWM
  3. Stadler Flirt 3 v4.0 Update 2020
  4. Toontje5445

    Virm In the rain

    Virm tijdens de een storm onderweg naar Zwolle CS
  5. Eurobahn FLIRT vertrekt van station Hengelo!
  6. [CS] Wash and Go
    Kan met die Engelse beschrijving niet veel wijs uit worden wat nu echt de bedoeling is met instaleren.
  7. Train Simulator 2021: St 17821 Apd - Zp
  8. Fore What i know, no update is comming fore this route.. Sjef61 Download Manager
  9. Als je de route eens controleert met TS_Tools welk object(en) mis je dan precies, dat kan bijv. maar 1 object zijn uit dat pakket en daar is eventueel wat op te bedenken .....
  10. Last week
  11. Ok, thank you very much, however in the public address I get lost in the path code and the txt of the pdf file that is one of the two Anyway, the public address or sound markers are to be put and tested on my routes, 2 for testing and one in project
  12. I don,t work you example, also in the download that you gave me which you deleted from the forum, you only explain in the pdfs to put a public address system for the trains, but what I am looking for is to put announcements of arrivals, departures, deletions, incidents and especially inside the trains let the names of the stops be heard
  13. In deze topic mag je die assets niet neerzetten. Sjef61 Download manager.
  14. For the pole object in your new map you have to change the texture pad en export the new IGS otherwise export fails Maybe thats youre problem And you must fill in the new IGS location in the blueprint
  15. It is only using your igs file and how I am going to do it with my path, it is only to change it in the two blueprints that I have created, right? I hope it works for me without problems in the game
  16. Yes. I gave you 5 working examples with the sound pole 3DS file and IGS and XML files This IGS file is a normal object (Poly) for placing the sound proxy. I gave you the right path to place the source files in. So, whats the problem?
  17. If I create an audio with blender 2.83 for RW the speaker I have to convert it into a mesh, which I don't know how to do for that, you also said that you don't have to create an audio with blender and export it to IGS, but create two blueprints.
  18. Zo te zien kan je het niet meer downloaden, ik heb het zelf wel geïnstalleerd staan weet alleen niet of ik het hier mag zetten. Je kan altijd kijken met ts-tools of dat je niks mist.
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