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[Please Help]Bridges and Roads of HSL-Amsterdam-Rotterdam


I started to play HSL-Amsterdam-Rotterdam recently.However, most bridegs and roads in the map can't reveal in the map. What assets do I need to install? Can I get them quickly ?

My scenery destity is on the highest setting. I stil have no idea to handle this even if I have read Manuals for many times.

I will show my gratitute to  anyone who can give me packages or effective links to download.

The link of Frison Object Pack 2 in https://www.treinpunt.nl/forum/downloads/?sa=details;lid=7769 and some links of Coha in the manual are failed.Does it matter?



Train Simulator 2020_11_4 18_33_29.png

Train Simulator 2020_11_4 18_33_52.png

Train Simulator 2020_11_4 18_34_28.png

Train Simulator 2020_11_4 18_34_53.png

Train Simulator 2020_11_4 18_35_32.png

Train Simulator 2020_11_4 18_39_29.png

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If you know which route folder corrosponds to the HSL route (you can check this in the TS menu>build), you may try 'Search and replace' -> 'Find in multiple files' in TS Tools:



Please note that this probably won't fix everything, since some SAD Assets not only changed Developer folder (SAD -> SAD2016) but also subfolder(s).

This is also about as detailed as I can explain the proccess via Text (and I simply don't have the spare time for a more personal approach).




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