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  1. Belgian train on German ground
  2. Version 1.0.0


    You will drive an Intercity from IJdam in the direction of Kolfmeer. Due to a lack of trains, the train you will drive is a Dam tot Dijk Express. First, the train must me taken from the yard before it can start it’s journey towards Kolfmeer. On the way, you will only stop at IJdam Bovenwijk. But will you really reach Kolfmeer?
  3. Hier kan je mijn soundmod progressie bekijken.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Today you are driving an IC in the direction of Enkhuizen with the new VIRM 2/3. All train traffic is based on real train traffic. Also, the timetable is exactly the same as the real timetable.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Today you are driving an SP in the direction of Leiden. At Hoofddorp, a colleague takes over. All train traffic is based on real train traffic. Also, the timetable is exactly the same as the real timetable.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    good afternoon, today you will drive a Intercity Direct service from Bad Rinckenburg to Altenburg hbf via the high speed line, this scenario is based on driving with ERTMS/ETCS. good luck!
  7. Version 1.0.1


    This mini-repaint adds the slightly weathered ICMm with fully yellow front panel 2 preload consists are provided
  8. Version 1.0.0


    This "repaint" changes the class numbers on the unmodernized ICM to have the correct font
  9. ChrisTrains Free Scenery v5.22 is uitgebracht. In dit pakket is geen nieuwe scenery toegevoegd maar bevat alleen een scriptupdate t.b.v. de Stationsnaamborden. Deze update verhelpt een kleine bug die in 0,1% van de gevallen bij het opstarten van een scenario een sein probleem kon veroorzaken. Naar download
  10. 2,453 downloads

    Christrains free scenery items consists of a large pack with platform lofts, platform numbers, clocks, canopies, lamps, ticket machines, buffers, OV-Chipkaart poles, stationname signs and a lot more. Features: Easy to install Manual in Dutch Installation: Open the .exe file to install start the game en go to "settings\Tools\Clear Cache" Restart the game and have fun Manuals Here
  11. Version 4.0


    Enjoy the VIRMm and VIRM with better sounds! including new door sounds, engine sounds and cab sounds! feedback would be nice because this is my first soundmod! All you have to do is install the RWP file with the Utilities tool and then you can enjoy the soundmod in TS! Check out this video:
  12. Version 1.0.1


    This Mod changes the entire sound within Train Simulator. Almsot everything has been redone and modified. In addition the driving physics have been overhauled including the removal of the camera shaking when braking or accelerating A preview video is here Sounds have been taken almost entirely from the YouTube Channel 4K Train Driver’s POV Dutch Railways. Additional sounds were recorded at Groningen railway station Installation 1. Install the ICMm DLC by ChrisTrains 2. Go to your Train Simualtor main folder (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\ common\RailWorks). There is a executable program called Utilities.exe. Under the section Package Manager you can install the *.rwp file included in the download. If there is a problem with installing, you can try installing it manually: 1. Open the *.rwp with WinRAR or 7Zip. You’ll find a folder called ‘Assets’. 2. Copy this folder into you Train Simualtor main directory and overwrite everything when asked Cover photo: https://www.flickr.com/photos/robdammers/8763211599/ - CC BY SA 3.0
  13. Goedemorgen, Ik ben opzoek naar de repaint van de Olympische Spelen voor de virm. Oorspronkelijk hoort deze repaint volgens mij van ChrisTrains te zijn, maar kan die niet meer vinden op zijn website. Ook na wat googlen kwam ik er niet uit, dus dan via deze manier! Fijn weekend!
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Scenario for 't Zuiden van Nederland 1.5. Description only available in Dutch.
  15. Version 1.0.0


    You are in charge of a Mat '64 2x Plan V train as stopping service to 's Hertogenbosch.
  16. Version 1.5


    Enjoy the TRAXX loco with better sounds! Bogie sounds, Traction sounds reworked. Install the RWP with the Utilities tool. Video:
  17. Version 1.8.0


    I didn't like the rolling noises and horn from the outside, so I changed both! (also changed the chopper a bit.) the original ICM Soundmod is required. Video:
  18. Version 1.0.0


    Drive with this stopper service from Den Hampen towards Toornze, due to maintenance you will not drive further.
  19. Version 2.1


    Here are the repaints from the Dutch "Lekker lezen doe je in de trein" VIRM. In this version is are the repaints from the 9549/92, and new are the 9514 and 8707! If there are some problems you can contact me in Discord (@JacobTrainsNL#9782), but read the manual first for the installation. Enjoy! Features: Easy to install Manual in English & Dutch Installation: Go to the folder "railworks" Insert here the folder "assets" "Clear Cache" or use "Train Simulator Blueprint removal tool" Required addons: ChrisTrains: NS VIRM(m)
  20. Version 1.5


    All the DM'90 sounds completely overhauled and modified. Just install the RWP file with the Utilities tool. get the DM'90 of ChrisTrains here: https://www.christrains.com/nl/ts_product_nsdm90.html
  21. Version 1.0.0


    Today you are driving an IC in the direction of Heerlen. At Amsterdam Central, a colleague takes over.
  22. Version 1.8


    DDZ sounds completely modified to make it sound a little more accurate! install the RWP file with the Utilities tool. Check out this video:
  23. Version 1.5


    SGMm sounds modified and overhauled to make it sound a bit more realistic. Install the RWP with the Utilities tool. Watch this video:
  24. NL: Welkom bij het 'knutselhoekje' van Studio 2561! Wat is er nog mooier dan een virtuele reis in Train Simulator 20xx? Meer realisme natuurlijk! In mijn ScenarioPacks probeer ik de realiteit zoveel mogelijk te benaderen. Bijzondere situaties onderweg, gesprekken met veiligheidsfunctionarissen conform realiteit, bijzondere transporten, treindocumenten, ect. Dit alles om de speler een zo realistisch mogelijk beeld te schetsen van het grote voorbeeld. In dit draadje deel ik graag de nieuwtjes omtrent mijn ScenarioPacks. In de afgelopen tijd heb ik vooral bezig gehouden met het publiceren, dan wel updaten, van exclusieve scenariopakketten voor SimTogether. Zodoende hebben vele bijzondere scenario's de laatste jaren het daglicht gezien. Dit ook vaak in samenwerking met verschillende Train Simulator gebruikers. Vanaf heden worden deze uitgebracht onder eigen naam 'Studio 2561'. Verder veranderd er helemaal niets. Ik hoop dat jullie plezier kunnen beleven met de speciale packs! Hieronder een overzicht van de reeds gepubliceerde pakketten (stand 7-2-2020): ChrisTrains RS1 ChrisTrains Baureihe 186 (TRAXX) - Alleen verkrijgbaar bij aanschaf TRAXX via SimTogether ChrisTrains Laaers - Alleen verkrijgbaar bij aanschaf Laaers via SimTogether ChrisTrains SNG ScenarioPack + SpecialPack* * SpecialPack wordt aan gewerkt deze opnieuw te uploaden op een later moment. ChrisTrains NS Fccpps & Klmos ChrisTrains NS Gbs ChrisTrains G1206 & DE 6400 Raillogix Cartransport Münster-Bremen (TreinPunt/SimTogether) SwissPack Gotthardbahn (SimTogether) Zal op een later moment als losstaand pakket worden uitgebracht. Tot die tijd exclusief voor de deelnemers aan het Zwitsers Starterspakket In ontwikkeling: NS GTOW ScenarioPack - Binnenkort beschikbaar! NS Flirt3 ScenarioPack DBC 47735 Autotrein naar Dillingen ScenarioPack Stomend door Train Simulator ScenarioPack Freiburg - Basel ScenarioPack
  25. Version 1.0.1


    This package is intended to fill a gap for the pre-ICD ICRm coaches + BDs. Some people will own Marc D's package, but many people will not. Chris' ICRm(h) coaches have a higher quality as well, which is logical because it is payware. That is why I made this repaint pack. That said, this package is simplified. Given my limited experience with repainting and lack of specific technical knowledge of the carriages as they ran until ~ 2014, I did not spend all my time correctly reproducing all types of carriages. In this package you will find the following carriages: CT NS ICRm A. CT NS ICRm B CT NS ICRm BDs (Of course still not drivable) The passenger view has not been adjusted.
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