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Found 7 results

  1. Version 1.01


    Two repaints for the ICMm old version.
  2. Version 2.01


    -What's new in South-West Netherlands 2.01 The biggest news of course is the expansion to Rotterdam Central Station. For a total length from Vlissingen to Rotterdam Central Station of no less than 145km! There will be no less than 7 new stations within the new piece, so you will be in 2.0 from Dordrecht can continue driving. You will pass De Kijfhoek, the largest shunting yard in the Netherlands. The Barendrecht Tunnel above ground. But of course also the Feyenoord Stadium to finally arrive in Rotterdam Central Station. Besides the expansion of the route, there have been many adjustments over the entire route to mention a few small things - Scenery further on , The route has more depth than ever before. There are more buildings to see in the distance, but of course trees, roads, etc. to make the route even more realistic. This also especially in the larger cities think of flats that can be seen in the background from the railroad. Although it is technically impossible to fill up everything and make the route run smoothly, I try to make it a bit more realistic. to make it seem that it's not just 1 street from the station. - Signals are also a lot replaced, fixed or improved with new settings for advanced signal aspects. - XGHL signals are also new in 2.0. With the arrival of the Kijfhoek there will be a lot more freight traffic, And in order for all these heavy trains to run safely over viaducts and through tunnels, these signals were created. - ETCS beacons on places where this protection is used for Christrain and the K-Trains Traxx. - Coha 2.0 track for an even more realistic look of the route by adding 2,5D elements for the sleepers and more. - Hand-junctions are now also new, before this everything was automatic. But to take it a step higher again. Several pieces have been rebuilt as well, - Goes got a new station, the platform was moved and rearranged. ( this because of the future viaduct ! ) - The canal through Walcheren has been completely replaced, now has water with reflection. also the towpath that runs along it has been modified. - Middelburg has had great adaptations in the area, mainly replacing houses. - Roosendal has tackled the old site, but also a large part of the environment. - Many towns and villages along the entire route have had adjustments when it comes to houses, as many houses as possible from the London area. route are mainly replaced by Dutch houses that were not there before. These are just a few small examples of what has been renewed, only a true connoisseur of the route will see everything ! And of course also the necessary improvements, to make everything even more realistic, a lot of houses have been replaced. the new Coha 2.0 tracks that do a lot. and all this without making the route heavier but with more FPS in heavy spots. in some places it might only be 1 or 2 fps. but every fps is another one ! All in all enough to look forward to !
  3. Hallo lezers, Ik heb de route Zuidwest Nederland V2.1 geïnstalleerd van Leonhearth en met TS-Tools compleet gemaakt. Nagenoeg alles heb ik kunnen vinden via TS-Tools, maar op deze route mis ik nog iets van de grond structuur of zoiets. TS-Tools geeft geen uitsluitsel en geeft aan dat ik alleen van Rubku_NL 2 assets mis, maar deze kunnen niet de boosdoener zijn, een collega heeft deze namelijk ook niet in zijn assets map, maar zijn beeld is wel compleet. Kan iemand mij vertellen wat ik nu nog nodig hebt, zie afbeelding. Bij voor alvast bedankt voor het meedenken.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    A manually made Quickdrive scenariopack for ZWNL V2.0. The Quickdrive lets you start from the stations Rotterdam, Breda, Roosendaal, Dordrecht and Vlissingen, and lets you go to every possible destination from these starting points. If you encounter any problems such as wrong paths or if you find anything missing, please let me know, i will try to fix every issue as soon as possible The HSL spawnpoints will come in the future when the HSL is finished
  5. Version / 1.1a


    This pack contains 9 scenario's for ZWNL2.0 the pack contains fixes for faulty trains and missing repaints for the original scenario's that came with the ZWNL2.0 route. manuals are within the railworks map Railworks/Manuals/Leonhearth each respective scenario maker has his own map with readme documents for the scenario's Installation: Install the included .rwp file with "Utilities.exe"
  6. Version 1.9


    ZWNL 1.9 (Do not forget to download the updated patch for 1.9) - What has changed! -Catenary One of the biggest changes to the route will be the new overhead line. 100% of the route has been adjusted to make way for a new catenary system from "Michael1234" a very extensive system that makes a big difference for every NL route. For example, the route now has 99% the overhead line as in real life! (sometimes it's just not possible to get it exactly the same) -Track The track has also had a major change, the tracks are still from COHA, but there are a large number of tracks adapted, switches renewed and the track has also been given more color. just to give an example on Roosendaal is a big one part of the shunting track rebuilt to reality also to get the catenary in place. -Stations Middelburg station has been modified and now has its real station building thanks to Frison. there are also a number of platforms Updated with new platform types to make everything just that little bit. -Scenery The area also had an overhaul with the SBS tree package by adding and replacing a large number of trees, bushes etc. this so that the skyline in the route corresponds better with reality. South-West Netherlands goes through 3 provinces and a small piece of Belgium. Zeeland - 10 station - Vlissingen - Vlissingen - Souburg - Middelburg - Arnemuiden - Vlissingen - Oost ( industrie ) - Goes - Kapelle - Biezelingen - Kruiningen - Yerseke - Krabbendijke - Rilland - Bath Brabant - 8 stations - Bergen op Zoom - Roosendaal - Etten - Leur - Breda - Breda Prinsenbeek - Oudenbosch - Zevenbergen - Lage Zwaluwen Zuid - Holland - 2 stations - Dordrecht - Zuid - Dordrecht Belgium- 1 station - Essen
  7. In deze video Test is de route Zuid-west nederland doormiddel van een Scenario van Vlissingen naar Rotterdam Centraal. dit is alleen de hele rit. niet de hele stream. dus ga lekker zitten en geniet van ZWNLv2.0
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