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Found 11 results

  1. Version 1


    Here a scenario with the Mat '46 from Dutch Classics The last member of Dutch Classics. This scenario can be run without Dump in the 64 bit version of TS In Part 1 you come from Utrecht, the Railway museum. We hook into before R'dam CS. You will, on request, transport a Company of Japanese from Vlissingen to Roosendaal. You drive with only a stop in Roosendaal, directly to Vlissingen. When you arrive there you can take a break, take a cup of coffee, for example. Then you continue through Part 2. In Part 2 you start in Vlissingen and drive back to Utrecht
  2. Version 1


    [MSTS-RW team] BRDB & BDRB Triangle *) You have probably heard of the Bermuda triangle (triangle) There is also something like this in the ZuidWest Ned route, where no ships disappear in and neither do your trains. In short, I made 2 scenarios, one counterclockwise and the other ...... Yep *) B (reda) D (ordrecht) R (oosendaal) B (reda)
  3. Version 1


    This scenario captivates you for more than 2:30 hours. You starting point is in Goes station. You drive in your 6400 with a hot cup of coffee and a sandwich in your hands. You are immediately called by the ProRail freight traffic controller fore duty. You can collect 9 household waste wagons from Vlissingen and deliver them to Essent. Unfortunately, there is a late car transport in front of you. So pay attention to the signals. A freight train will also drive in front of you at Vlissingen in the direction of Goes. As soon as your ca
  4. Version / 1.01


    3. [MSTS-RW team] freight traffic You are stationed in Vlissingen with your 6400. Your assignment comes in. Go to the Sloe area, Denemarkerweg. Here are 9 container wagons. In the absence of personnel, you will first have to collect & link them. Then they have to be transported to Kijfhoek.
  5. Version / 1.0


    2. [MSTS / RW team] freight traffic chemicals transport First start refueling, your fuel is almost empty. Then you transport chemicals .
  6. Version / 1


    You drive a stop train from Station Roosendaal to The Hague CS
  7. Version 1.9


    Here part 2 of Various loads. Intended for ZWN v.1.9 It is not a sequel to the first scenario part 1. It are all standalone scenarios You drive the Veolia_MRCE8 653-01, a powerful diesel with a very nice sound. You are stationed at Roosendaal. Your assignment comes in and you can get started right away, refueling, coupling / uncoupling various loads addresses between Roosendaal and Vlissingen Now equipped with the Lightning Bolts using the Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack from Armstrong Powerhouse (not included) This can be seen from this scenario in a youtupe video:
  8. Version 1.9


    [MSTS / RW team] Various loads part 1 intended for South West Netherlands v1.9 and TS 64Bit It is a sultry, clear, Zeeland summer night, time 03:00 You have a night shift and are waiting for orders at your post in Goes. And you get that too. Your assignment consists of collecting wagons and you have to deliver them elsewhere. Coupling / uncoupling. A total of 3 combined assignments. The moon is above you and you will also see the sun rise.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    [MSTS/RW team] Roosendaal - Zwolle {1.7} Je neemt in Wijchen een zieke collega over Na alles gecontroleerd te hebben, vertrek je naar Nijmegen. Je eerste stop. Kortom je laatste stop, Zwolle, bereik je na 90 minuten Tot Nijmegen rijdt je in de ochtend mist De mist trekt lanzaam op. Zodra je de Waal over bent, is deze totaal verdwenen. Deze download bevat extra content en wordt automatisch geïnstalleerd bij het installeren van deze download.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Je rijdt een stoptrein in de vroege winter uurtjes. Het weer en je rit zullen rustig verlopen. Goede reis! Deze download bevat extra content en wordt automatisch geïnstalleerd bij het installeren van deze download.

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