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Found 21 results

  1. Version 1.9


    ZWNL 1.9 (Do not forget to download the updated patch for 1.9) - What has changed! -Catenary One of the biggest changes to the route will be the new overhead line. 100% of the route has been adjusted to make way for a new catenary system from "Michael1234" a very extensive system that makes a big difference for every NL route. For example, the route now has 99% the overhead line as in real life! (sometimes it's just not possible to get it exactly the same) -Track The track has also had a major change, the tracks are still from COHA, but there are a large number of tracks adapted, switches renewed and the track has also been given more color. just to give an example on Roosendaal is a big one part of the shunting track rebuilt to reality also to get the catenary in place. -Stations Middelburg station has been modified and now has its real station building thanks to Frison. there are also a number of platforms Updated with new platform types to make everything just that little bit. -Scenery The area also had an overhaul with the SBS tree package by adding and replacing a large number of trees, bushes etc. this so that the skyline in the route corresponds better with reality. South-West Netherlands goes through 3 provinces and a small piece of Belgium. Zeeland - 10 station - Vlissingen - Vlissingen - Souburg - Middelburg - Arnemuiden - Vlissingen - Oost ( industrie ) - Goes - Kapelle - Biezelingen - Kruiningen - Yerseke - Krabbendijke - Rilland - Bath Brabant - 8 stations - Bergen op Zoom - Roosendaal - Etten - Leur - Breda - Breda Prinsenbeek - Oudenbosch - Zevenbergen - Lage Zwaluwen Zuid - Holland - 2 stations - Dordrecht - Zuid - Dordrecht Belgium- 1 station - Essen
  2. Version 1.0.0


    In dit scenario rijdt u een SNG van Assen naar Zwolle. Het is donker en het regent, dus dat maakt het extra lastig. Succes! Spelerstrein en AI treinen allemaal volgens de dienstregeling van NS (2020)
  3. From the album: RemkoH's TS20xx Screens

    © RemkoH

  4. From the album: RemkoH's TS20xx Screens

    © RemkoH

  5. From the album: RemkoH's TS20xx Screens

    © RemkoH

  6. RemkoH


    From the album: RemkoH's TS20xx Screens

    © RemkoH

  7. From the album: RemkoH's TS20xx Screens

    © RemkoH

  8. From the album: RemkoH's TS20xx Screens

    © RemkoH

  9. From the album: RemkoH's TS20xx Screens

    © RemkoH

  10. From the album: RemkoH's TS20xx Screens

    © RemkoH

  11. From the album: RemkoH's TS20xx Screens

    © RemkoH

  12. From the album: RemkoH's TS20xx Screens

    © RemkoH

  13. Version 1.0.0


    In dit scenario zal je rijden met een NS 1700 locomotief met daaraan een ICRm stam. De benodigdheden kun je vinden in de handleiding. Het scenario is gemaakt door: Machinist Mike & Oscar (2561) Getest door: Oscar Handleiding gemaakt door: Oscar Het scenario werkt alleen wanneer het gestart wordt vanuit de editor! Vanuit het normale menu strandt de rit bij Zutphen.
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Voor route De IJsellijn 1.7 U rijdt vandaag de intercity na 's-Hertogenbosch het is maar de vraag of je de eind bestemming haalt. Duration:45 Rating: 2 Scenario type: Timetabled Deventer - ’s-Hertogenbosch De scenario Deventer - ’s-Hertogenbosch [Cleo259] voor route De IJsellijn De scenario is gemaakt door Cleo259 met samenwerking van het MSTS/RW team
  15. Version 1.0.0


    The very first scenario for 't Hart van Nederland on SimTogether! Because the Withdrawal of SGMm trains, ride a SLT today on the line: Baarn - Utrecht. But there are activities at Utrecht station. In addition, there are therefore no trains. You drive to Overvecht. Good luck!
  16. Version 1.0


    In this scenario you are driving an NS 1800 with 12 DR wagons to Vaalem, have fun! It's my first scenario.
  17. This was my first video, hope you enjoy it!
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