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  1. Version 6.02


    Since the end of the 19th century, the Belgium railway network has been fast extended. Several new lines were opened during this period. Further expansion was caused by the industrial revolution at the beginning of the 20th century. Initially managed by private railway companies, in 1926 the Belgium government took fully control about the railway network. Besides the fact that some small railway stations closed for economic reasons, the railway network in the Southwest of Belgium can be considered as good. The station of Mons has always been an important hub in this district. This route includes most of the railway lines of the Southwest of Belgium based on the real situation. Features: More than 15 railway lines Manual in French Easy to install Installation: Route: installl the .rwp with utilities.exe Assets pack: extract the .rar and copy the assets folders to Railworks\Assets\ For those who have version 5 installed, only the assets pack LDSO6 must be installed as well as the pack of Belgian signals of Coha Special thanks to: Alain Noël Christophe Durvaux
  2. Version 1.9


    ZWNL 1.9 (Do not forget to download the updated patch for 1.9) - What has changed! -Catenary One of the biggest changes to the route will be the new overhead line. 100% of the route has been adjusted to make way for a new catenary system from "Michael1234" a very extensive system that makes a big difference for every NL route. For example, the route now has 99% the overhead line as in real life! (sometimes it's just not possible to get it exactly the same) -Track The track has also had a major change, the tracks are still from COHA, but there are a large number of tracks adapted, switches renewed and the track has also been given more color. just to give an example on Roosendaal is a big one part of the shunting track rebuilt to reality also to get the catenary in place. -Stations Middelburg station has been modified and now has its real station building thanks to Frison. there are also a number of platforms Updated with new platform types to make everything just that little bit. -Scenery The area also had an overhaul with the SBS tree package by adding and replacing a large number of trees, bushes etc. this so that the skyline in the route corresponds better with reality. South-West Netherlands goes through 3 provinces and a small piece of Belgium. Zeeland - 10 station - Vlissingen - Vlissingen - Souburg - Middelburg - Arnemuiden - Vlissingen - Oost ( industrie ) - Goes - Kapelle - Biezelingen - Kruiningen - Yerseke - Krabbendijke - Rilland - Bath Brabant - 8 stations - Bergen op Zoom - Roosendaal - Etten - Leur - Breda - Breda Prinsenbeek - Oudenbosch - Zevenbergen - Lage Zwaluwen Zuid - Holland - 2 stations - Dordrecht - Zuid - Dordrecht Belgium- 1 station - Essen
  3. Version 1.4


    What is new / changed? The Heart of the Netherlands is now available as version 1.4. New in this version is the use of Coha Tracks v2.1 and 4 WIP sections (Arnhem-Didam, Hilversum-Weesp, Utrecht-Woerden and Breukelen-Woerden). The reported errors etc. have been eliminated in the 2 beta tests and scenarios are checked. A NLweg2 lane from Tankje with moving traffic has been added where "Cars from Frison driving on roads of Christrains" are also needed! (see below) The required files are in the separate RWP assets file, including the Marklin folder that has remained unchanged compared to the previous one. Features: Breukelen - Utrecht - Arnhem - Nijmegen Utrecht CS - Amersfoort - Apeldoorn / Harderwijk Amersfoort - Ede-Wageningen 4 WIP Sections Arnhem-Didam Hilversum-Weesp Utrecht-Woerden Breukelen-Woerden Installation Extract the rar file that contains the route, the Assets (rwp) and this text file with the changed files compared to the earlier Assets file from v1.0 Before proceeding with installation and you want to keep v1.3 provisional, for example for scenarios, change the folder name of the route in Content -> Routes in your RailWorks folder from 47b6f7ad-85b8-667f-975a-5aeb7c18d28c to 47b6f7ad-85b8-667f- 975a-5aeb7c18d28c-v1.3 Don't you want to keep that? Then remove the named folder completely from Content -> Routes 47b6f7ad-85b8-667f-975a-5aeb7c18d28c For users of the first hour I refer you to st-ts-00138_HvN_Vol1_Assets.rar which is attached. Also take the manual with you for further requirements, etc. Finally, it cannot be said often enough, but again, all providers thank you for making it possible to build as realistic as possible. Have fun!
  4. Version 3.4


    This is a composite package of objects made by Sjef! Features: Easy to install Manual in Dutch Installation: Open the .exe file to install start the game en go to "settings\Tools\Clear Cache" Restart the game and have fun
  5. Version 1.7


    This newest version of the IJssellijn offers you the possibility to drive more than 100 realistically modeled kilometers between Zwolle and Wijchen. You have plenty of possibilities on this route: Sprinter, Intercity, cargo services and more. Before driving this route, please consult the included manual. Scenarios (including manual) are included separately in the download. Features: 100+ kilometers long 19 Stations Manual in English & Dutch New download links in the "Requirements" tab Installation: Install the included .rwp file with "Utilities.exe" "Clear Cache" or use Train Simulator Blueprint removal tool"
  6. Version 2.1


    The fictional route Den Hampen - Kolfmeer - Vaalem exists of two electric railways who have a combined length of approximately 60 kilomters. This is an extension of on the original Den Hampen - Kolfmeer route. The route runs through typical Dutch landscapes and many interesting rail-ish places. The route is created by Jepparama. The route contains 15 new scenarios. Enjoy! Features: 60 kilometers long Manual in Dutch New download links in the "Requirements" tab Installation: Install the included .rwp file with "Utilities.exe" "Clear Cache" or use Train Simulator Blueprint removal tool"
  7. Lander0606


    Version 1.0.48


    TS-Tools is a new suite of utilities for Dovetail Games - Train Simulator 20xx. This suite enabled (advanced) users to carry out many improvements/changes to the default simulator. Features: Check routes and scenario's for missing stock or assets. Edit scenario's to replace rolling stock which you don't have for what you do. Re-skin the textures of rolling stock to create new liveries. Edit .bin, .xml and other files for Train Simulator. View and export texture files (.TgPcDx). And much more... New installation: Download "st-ts-00005_TS_Setup.zip" Unzip the zipped file Run TS-Setup.exe to install the program Follow the instructions in the installer Update to the latest version: Download "st-ts-00005_TS_Tools1048.zip" and extract it to the folder where a previous TS-Tools installation is located (most likely C:\Rail Utilities\TS-Tools) Overwrite all previous files Note: if you already have TS-Tools installed and you want to update to the latest version, you don't need to download "st-ts-00005_TS_Setup.zip" again.
  8. Version 2.0


    6 versions Oil / Fuel tanks / version 2 All with rust so for the enthusiast of old stuff. Features: This download is also included in the Sim Together Object pack Sjef Manual not included Installation: Install the included .rwp file with "Utilities.exe" "Clear Cache" or use Train Simulator Blueprint removal tool"
  9. hallo leden speel sinds een tijdje al train simulator 2020 maar het probleem is dat er geen sporen is en grond textuur. iemand daar een oplossing voor? want bij de ijsselijn route werkt alles prima.
  10. Version 1.1


    Dear, thanks for downloading the GTW EMU soundmod. First off all i want to thanks some IRL traindrives to make the soundmod possilbe. Next things are changed: Traction sound. Tyfoon. Cabine sounds. ATB. Door sounds. Soundmod is downloadable with a .exe file
  11. Version 1.0.0


    In this scenario you take the SNG for a drive from Vaalem to Hollandse Hoek. Read the included ReadMe for known issues.
  12. Version 1.1


    7 NMBS Platforms + Invisible Platform. Collaboration project of Sjef61 and Gert Meering. Assets can be found under: Assets\GertMeering\GM NMBS Objects ... Features: This download is also included in: none Manual not included Installation: Install the included .rwp file with "Utilities.exe" "Clear Cache" or use Train Simulator Blueprint removal tool"
  13. Version 1.0


    Christrains Stadler Flirt 3 soundupdate (FLIRT3er) For this update you need to have the Christrains Stadler Flirt 3 and the Soundupdate from linusf. Soundupdate for the Stadler Flirt 3. Install: Use the Utilities of TS20xx to install the .rwp file
  14. Version 1.0


    Christrains Stadler Flirt 3 soundupdate For this soundupdate you need to have the Christrains Stadler Flirt 3. Soundupdate for the Stadler Flirt 3 (BETA) Sounds are recorded on the following trains: - Stadler KISS between Braunschweig and Vechelde. - Alstom Coradia Continental between Braunschweig and Hildesheim. - Many sounds come from the following YouTube channel: RealTraindrive. - In addition, user Stuart86 sent me even more sounds from the driver's cab of a FLIRTS. Thank you very much for that. The SiFa key sound and combination lever sound are from Morphi. Also thanks. - The rest is original ChrisTrainsSound Install: Use the Utilities of TS20xx to install the .rwp file
  15. Version 7.0


    Schienenbus - ÖBB 5081 Soundupdate for the RSSLO: Schienenbus – ÖBB 5081 V7.0 This is a sound update for the OBB5081 by RSSLO. The sound update also works with all repaints for the OBB5081. It's made with original recordings of a VT98.
  16. Version 1.0


    RSSLO Vectron ACDC advanced soundupdate For this update you need to have the RSSLO BR193 Vectron AC/DC and/or the RSSLO BR193 Vectron AC/DC Advanced. Soundupdate for the BR193 Vectron AC/DC (Advanced). Install: Use the Utilities of TS20xx to install the .rwp file
  17. Version 1.1


    RSSLO ÖBB Talent Soundupdate For this update you need to have the ÖBB Talent. Soundupdate for the ÖBB Talent by RSSLO. Changes in version 1.1: New transducer sound at low speeds Added climate noise outside New rail transition and cornering sounds Install: Use the Utilities of TS20xx to install the .rwp file
  18. Version 1.0


    RSSLO ÖBB 1822 Sound- & Scriptupdate For this update you need the ÖBB 1822. Installatie: Installeer de .rwp met behulp van de Utilities van TS20xx (utilities.exe)
  19. Version 2.0


    Diesel locomotive series 245 (BR 245) For this update you need to have the Allgäubahn. Soundupdate for the Baureihe 245 by RSSLO. What's New in Version V2.0? New engine sound. New sound when starting the engine. New sound when the engine is turned off. Turbosound has been inserted. Fan noise placed. New typhoons (high / low). Speed increased to 160 km / h. Install: Use the Utilities of TS20xx to install the .rwp file
  20. Version 5.0


    Northwest Netherlands v5.0 is now released! The route contains these railway lines: - Den Helder - Alkmaar - Amsterdam Central Station - Uitgeest - Haarlem - Amsterdam Central Station - Amsterdam Central Station - Schiphol Airport - Hoofddorp - [NEW] Enkhuizen - Zaandam - [NEW] Haarlem - Zandvoort Features: Manual in Dutch New download links in the "Requirements" tab Installation: Go to the folder "Railworks" Insert here the folder "Assets" Then start "Noordwest Nederland route_v5.exe" Make sure you have installed the latest packs such as SimTogether, ChrisTrains and Frison Scenery Packs. "Clear Cache" or use "Train Simulator Blueprint removal tool"
  21. Bezig met wat oude kleine gebouwtjes
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