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Berlin - Leipzig is a route build by virtualTracks, is a 195km twin-track, electrified main line from Berlin Central Station (low level) to Leipzig Main Station.

The Berlin-Anhalt Railway Company was responsible for building many of Berlin’s railway connections throughout the mid-19th Century. Their main railway, the Anhalt Line, ran from Berlin to Köthen via Wittenberg and opened throughout 1840 and 1841. From Köthen, a connection was made to the nearby Magdeburg-Leipzig railway allowing for services to Halle and further to Leipzig. By the late 1850s, various connections were made faster with new, more direct routes.

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  1. CoraVLC her single scenario's

    In this download you can find all single scenario's released by CoraVLC. Im putting them in a single download so that the download page is not cluttered with my scenario's and everything is in one neat place.
    Currently available:
    "IC630 naar Gesundbrunnen met VIRM12" (this is still a LincolnVLC scenario)
    Note:Due to me coming out as transgender on 7 june 2022 some scenario's have author LincolnVLC and others CoraVLC. Both names are the same author. 
    Note 2:The IC630 scenario uses the OLD ICMM. There is no problem with playing it with V4.0.X but i cannot guarantee that things still work perfectly.


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  2. [LincolnVLC]Scenariopack:"Een ReserveDienst op Berlin-Leipzig!"

    Goodmorning Driver! Today you are tasked with a standby shift. At first it looks to be a pretty quiet shift untill something goes very wrong at Potsdammer Platz. Will you help the NS to drive the trains that otherwise have no driver? Welcome to Scenariopack:"A standby shift on Berlin-Leipzig!" 
    The scenariopack contains 2 files you can download, 1 contains the so called shiftcards i made with paint, The other one "ReserveDienst Scenariopack.zip" contains the readme+scenario RWP. This is a 7 part scenariopack which plays out as a shift, The scenario's are supposed to be played in the following order: RSD1 -> RSD2 -> RSD3 -> RSD4 -> RSD5 -> RSD6 -> RSD7
    You will need ChrisTrains products as indicated in the readme which has been included.
    Huge thanks to NigelGiveYou for testing the scenariopack aswell.
    The scenario's will take 25 to 65 minutes.


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  3. Diesel Talent als vervangende trein naar Bitterfeld

    Today you will drive a RSSLO Diesel Talent as replacement train from Leipzig to Bitterfeld and back to Leipzig.
    Due to a fire 2 weeks ago in a power substation in Leipzig there is no electric trains possible to drive between Leipzig and Delitsch U.Bf.
    Engineers from DB Netze calculated that it will not be repairable for another 2 weeks.


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  4. [Maurits] Van de luchthaven naar het restaurant!

    Drive Rubku and the viewers of his live stream from the (still not opened) Berlin Brandenburg Airport to a place between the stations Hauptbahnhof and Gesundbrunnen, where you will change to buses, which will drive you to a nice hamburger restaurant.
    This scenario contains announcements spoken by Rob Jansen and by me, and the destination signs on the platforms are set correctly, using Scarlet's ZZA-Tool.


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