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La Ligne District Sud-Ouest

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La Ligne District Sud-Ouest is a route build by Jacky a.k.a. lefacteur, it runs in the South of Belgium.



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  1. La Ligne District Sud-Ouest

    Since the end of the 19th century, the Belgium railway network has been fast extended. Several new lines were opened during this period. Further expansion was caused by the industrial revolution at the beginning of the 20th century. Initially managed by private railway companies, in 1926 the Belgium government took fully control about the railway network. Besides the fact that some small railway stations closed for economic reasons, the railway network in the Southwest of Belgium can be considered as good. The station of Mons has always been an important hub in this district.
    This route includes most of the railway lines of the Southwest of Belgium based on the real situation.
    More than 15 railway lines Manual in French Easy to install  
    Route: installl the .rwp with utilities.exe  Assets pack: extract the .rar and copy the assets folders to Railworks\Assets\ For those who have version 5 installed, only the assets pack LDSO6 must be installed as well as the pack of Belgian signals of Coha
    Special thanks to:
    Alain Noël Christophe Durvaux


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