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Hamburg S1 S-Bahn is a route build by Dovetail Games, is a 45 km (27 mile) Complete S1 route from Wedel to Poppenbüttel (via Hamburg Hbf) & Hamburg Airport, Includes the existing 64 km (40 mile) Hamburg-Lübeck Railway – making 108 km (67 miles) in total

Life, for what would become known as the Hamburg S-Bahn, began in 1906 with the opening of Hamburg Hbf where steam hauled services would run between Blankenese and the city itself. Despite the railway tracks in this area were not exactly ‘new’, this is the first time that they had been used in ‘rapid-transit’ style operations; as such, the new usage came under the name of the Hamburg-Altona Urban and Suburban Railway.

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  1. 2020 DB RE21442 Hamburg Hbf - Kiel Hbf via Lübeck Teil 1

    In this scenario, you still have to do 1 long service drive before your service ends in Kiel. An RE 84 service from Hamburg to Kiel via Lübeck is on the program. You just had a break and walked to the siding on the Altona side to get your train composition ready. After you have started the locomotive and have taken a small brake test, you go to the platform. After arriving at Lübeck Hbf station, train 21442 continues as RB 84 to Kiel Hbf and stops at all stations along the way.
    Good luck.
    In this part of the scenario runs from Hamburg Hbf to Lübeck Hbf.
    It's a realistic scenario. All AI passenger trains in the scenario run according to the real 2020 timetable in force in Germany. The only AI passenger train in the scenario that is fictitious is train EC34 from Copenhagen to Hamburg Hbf via Putgarden. This train runs according to the timetable of 2019. At the moment in 2020 the EC trains to and from Copenhagen will no longer run via Putgarden and by ferry.


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