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[EZY] Nachteburg - Rannstadt

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The route offers 45km main track, divided into high speed (max 230kph) and regional/freight (max 160kph).

It leads from Nachteburg via the small town of Bad Spendau to Rannstadt. There is also a branch line of 30km from Bad Spendau to Querleben.

The map is located in middle Saxony-Anhalt.


[04/21/2019] Update to V1.2

[04/21/2019] Update to V1.2.1

[11/28/2020] Update to V1.3

[12/24/2020] Update to V1.3.1

[12/24/2021] Update to V1.3.2


Route : ba31081b-f622-4324-97bb-d4260198c362

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