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't Groene Hart

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On 't Groene Hart you can enjoy the Alphen <-> Gouda route. This route is 17.6 km long and has 7 stations. The branch line to Electrolux is also included in this version, so you can drive Cargo. This route was started a few years ago but was taken over by me last year and was finalized.

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  1. [SS] 't Groene Hart v1.5 QuickDrive

    With the 1.5 version of 't Groene Hart, you can drive to Leiden Centraal, but not in the QuickDrive scenario that was made. So i re-made it. Now you can spawn at any supported (with scenery) station + siding 21 (Gouda, made for 2 coaches of R-Net Flirt) and Electrolux (Alphen aan den Rijn, made for 6400 + 8 Habis), and drive to any station (except for siding Gouda and Alphen aan den Rijn). Have fun!


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  2. 't Groene Hart v1.5

    At 't Groene hart you can enjoy the route Alphen <-> Gouda and since v1.5 also Alphen <-> Leiden. This route is 17.6 kilometers long and has 7 stations. The trunk line to Electrolux is also included in this version, so you can drive nicely with Cargo. The new section of Alphen <-> Leiden is part of the Alphen <-> Woerden route, which is a section of 32.5 kilometres. Version 1.5 only contains Alphen <-> Leiden, which is a stretch of approximately 15 kilometers.


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