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Tirol: Brenner - Kufstein



Tirol: Brenner - Kufstein is a route build by RSSLO, is a 150km route from Brenner, Italy to Kufstein, Austria

Forming a connection between the Italian railway network at Verona and the Austrian network at Innsbruck, the Brennerbahn is an electrified line which crosses the valleys and passes of the Italian-Austrian border. Brenner station stands at a lofty 1,371 metres above sea level, making it the highest point on both the Austrian ÖBB network and the Italian FS network.



Steam: Tirol: Brenner - Kufstein Route Add-On

RSSLO: Tirol Austria – Brennerbahn/Unterinntalbahn Route

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  1. TS2020 - Woods to brenner

    This is an Scenario for RSSLO's Tirol Brennerbahn-unterintalbahn Route for TS2020
    Scenario Type : Standard
    Scenario Duration : 35 Minutes
    Thank u for trying my scenario !
    Thanks to DTG for TS2020
    Thanks to RSSLO for Vectron locomotive
    Thanks to RSSLO for Tirol Route
    Thanks to RSC/DTG for Euro asset pack
    Thanks to Rail works Austria for Rnoos and 1144


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