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Mighty Seddin Freight



Mighty Seddin Freight is a route build by virtualTracks, 40km Extension for the Berlin Leipzig Route Add-On (required as a separate purchase).

The freight yard at Seddin opened in 1920, and was quickly established as an international hub for rail freight. It connected with various lines, including the Anhalt Railway and the Berlin-Blankenheim Railway and provided links to many locations. Seddin’s Freight Yard played a significant role in military movements, in both leading up to and during the Second World War. Seddin was a major target for Allied forces during those 6 fatal years, in fact, the yard was bombed directly in April 1945.






Steam: Mighty Seddin Freight Route Add-On

virtualTracks: Schwere Fracht für Seddin

3DZUG: Schwere Fracht für Seddin

Aerosoft GmbH: Mighty Seddin Freight

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