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Achterhoek- en Twentelijnen

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Achterhoek- en Twentelijnen route.



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  1. Achterhoek- en Twentelijnen

    The route 'Achterhoek- en Twentelijnen' is a routenetwork situated in the east of the Netherlands. This version comes with it 5 lines, totaling approximately 130km. The 5 lines in this version are:
    -Apeldoorn – Deventer
    -Apeldoorn – Zutphen
    -Deventer - Almelo
    -Deventer –Zutphen
    -Zutphen – Winterswijk
    In this release there are also markers for the station of Almelo de Riet. This is purely for AI and will not be given more scenery. For more information as well as the requirements -> see the manual!


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  2. Apeldoorn - Deventer / Winterswijk

    In this first release 4 trajectories are included, together yielding about 90km of driving fun. These 4 trajectories are:
    -        Apeldoorn – Deventer
    -        Apeldoorn – Zutphen
    -        Deventer – Zutphen
    -        Zutphen – Winterswijk
    This release also comes with the station of Deventer Colmschate, which lies along the line of Deventer – Almelo. This line will possibly (and without prejudice) be built in full for a version 2 of the route.

    Please be sure to read the manual and have fun!
    Installation happens by installing the included .rwp file, either through Utilities.exe, or manually using 7zip or a similar program.


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