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Baureihe 186 (BR 186)

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The Baureihe 186 of the type Bombardier TRAXX F140 MS2 is an electric locomotive that is used by various companies for passenger transport and freight transport.




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  1. [Updated] [RSB] BR186 "Traxx" TBL1+ update

    In this update, the Belgian train control system TBL1+/MEMOR has been added to ChrisTrains' BR 186 "Traxx".
    MEMOR is the predecessor of TBL1+ and works with so-called "crocodiles" that lie between the rails at a signal, for example. TBL1+ was introduced in 2008, and in the meantime is already slowly being replaced by the European ETCS. Today, TBL1+ is present on virtually the entire Belgian rail network.
    Install the necessary updates for the Traxx and the Coha BE signaling package (see manual) Download and install the TBL1+ update with the included .exe file Delete the cached files from TS with "Clear cache"  
    Important notices:
    Testing has shown that the package can cause problems with repaints from the DCR BR 186 Traxx repaint pack. The standard NMBS/NS Traxx from ChrisTrains work fine. This is being worked on by the DCR team Please read the manual thoroughly! TBL1+ seems to be a rather complex system, but in the manual all possible scenarios and required actions are explained For route builders: a manual on how to place the balises is included in the Manuals.zip This update is not (yet) compatible with the "SKTRAINS Belgian signalling pack"  
    Preview: https://youtu.be/XUm6xM7bZCM
    If you have any questions or comments, feel free to send a PM or leave a message in the comments. Enjoy the update!
    Thanks to: ChrisTrains, Coha.nl and many others


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  2. Traxx - class 386 Preload voor Quickdrive

    Traxx - class 386  Preload for Quick drive
    (without wagons )



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