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  1. Seinhuissimulator / Signal Box Simulator

    With this new simulation program, you can take the role of the signaller of a railway station. The goal of the simulation is to ensure smooth running of the trains throughout your area of responsibility. You can do this by setting points and signals.
    Note: this is not an add-on for a different simulator, but a separate, freeware program.
    Note: this is a beta version (see below).
    - Microsoft .Net Framework needs to be installed.
    - A second monitor is useful to get an overview of bigger stations
    - About 1.5 GB of RAM will be consumed by the sim. This is quite a lot, but hopefully it will be reduced in a later version ?
    Not necessary. Just unpack the Zip and play. In the Zip you can also find the manual.
    In this simulation you have the choice between four stations:
    - The relatively modern GRS NX interlocking system that is installed on Roermond station. A demonstration is available here: https://vimeo.com/433942880
    - Another GRS NX interlocking system of Heerlen station.
    - The pre-WW2 Siemens&Halske interlocking system that was installed on Kerkrade West station until 1988. A demonstration is available here:  https://vimeo.com/500904526
    - Another S&H interlocking system of Wijlre station (both signal boxes).
    All stations and their interlocking systems were recreated in the situation of the late 80s with great attention to detail.
    The same applies for the provided timetables.
    A detailed instruction manual is provided for the sim (however presently only in the Dutch language), as well as a separate manual for each station that shows the local specialties.
    Beta version:
    This is a beta version. The main goal is to test that everything works as it should. So if you encounter anything strange, I would really appreciate a comment below so it can be fixed.
    To make the beta testing easier, this version does not simulate any technical failures or delays yet. So if something goes wrong, it's due to the sim and not due to a failure.


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