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TCDD 45151 Class

The TCDD (Turkish Republic Railways) 45151 Class is a class of 2-8-0 steam locomotives which were acquired from the British War Department to the LMS Stanier Class 8F design.

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  1. Bossman Games TCDD Class 45151 Whistle en Soundupdate

    Bossman Games TCDD Class 45151 Whistle and Soundupdate Version 1.0

    This is a sound update for the TCDD Class 45151 from Bossmangames.

    The distribution and publication of the soundmod is not permitted without my permission!
    The installation:
    Install the .Rwp with the package manager of the TS (Utilities.exe).
    What's new:
    - New whistles were added and made louder
    - Chuffs were made a little lower in pitch and louder
    Have fun with the new sound!



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