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  1. Christrains DDM1 reskin

    This DDM1 reskin is based on the Christrains DDAR project, wich is needed to get this repaint working. Even though the DD-AR and DDM1 look very familiar from the outside, there are a lot of differences between them. I tried (between my limits) to rebuild the DD-AR wagons to ‘hybrid’ DDM1 wagons. Please note: these coaches are not 100% realistic, but they give you the DDM1 feeling. Some things that i’ve changed:
    Adjusted interior Adjusted cabview Adjusted passengerview Replaced the open door buttons Adjusted the autonumbering Removed BSI Couplings Removed destination boards The package contains a Bvk, Bv and Abv wagon. These three wagons combined with the Fopix 1800 loco give you the possibility to regenerate all possible DDM1 combinations. The wagons can also be used in the classic pulled IC trains wich were in service until about 2006. Have fun with this reskin!
    1 version Manual in Dutch & English  
    go to the folder "Steam\steamapps\common\railworks" Insert here the folder "assets " start the game en go to "settings\Tools\Clear Cache" Restart the game and have fun  
    Required addons:
    Christrains: NS DD-AR


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