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  1. RSSLO BR 187 RheinCargo DB Audio

    BR 187 RheinCargo DB Audio 2.2
    For this update you need to have the Traxx 3 – BR 187 and the BR187 scriptupdate.
    Soundupdate for the BR187 by RSSLO.
    First of all, thank you for downloading this package.
    This sound package changes the entire sound of the locomotive.
    The features at a glance:
    - Added air compressor sound - New fan sounds - New voice announcements - New switch sounds for the combination, brake and locomotive brake actuators - New roll sounds - Completely new engine sounds - New InputMapper according to VR standard - New Cabview - New rail impact noises - New outside wind noises Sound  
    Use the Utilities of TS20xx to install the .rwp file


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