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Scenarios (v1.0) (Old)


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  1. QD-Olielijntje Vracht en passagier

    Quick Drive scenario for 'Het Olielijntje'  Version 1
    Coevorden to Emmen Emmen to Coevorden Oil train Emmen to N.A.M. (Diesel)  


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  2. [Rail 21 - NS] IR 560 Emmen - Den Haag CS Deel 1

    Rail 21 Sporen naar een nieuwe eeuw.
    It is 2016. The government has reversed the privatization and privatization of the NS. There is again one national NV Nederlandse Spoorwegen under the direction of the Ministry of Transport, with the exception of freight transport. NS is still making some adjustments due to the current infrastructure; Rail 21 and the corresponding 3-train system. IC / EC, IR-Snelnet and AggloRegio. And takes a share in Thalys and Eurostar and, as yet, enters into the PBKA agreement with DB, SNCF and NMBS.
    In this scenario, on a warm summer day from the 2nd half-hour pattern, you will ride the IR Express train from Emmen to The Hague CS. This IR Express train runs via Zwolle, Amersfoort, Amsterdam CS, Schiphol and Leiden.
    On the way you only stop at the stations: Coevorderen, Hardenberg, Zwolle, Harderwijk, Amersfoort, Hilversum, Amsterdam CS, Schiphol, Nieuw Vennep, Leiden, The Hague Laan van NOI and The Hague CS. In the first part you will drive from Emmen to Coevorderen on 't-Olie lijntje route from Rommy.


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  3. [1987 - NS] 18036 Emmen - Zwolle Deel 1

    Timetable from May 31, 1987 - May 28, 1988 was the start of the completely new set-up of the train service on the Vechtdallijn from Emmen to Zwolle. The railway is electrified and partly double track. Plan U make way for Mat '54. And there is an express train running every hour during the week and on Sundays after 4 p.m. between Zwolle and Emmen.
    The Scenario:
    This beautiful summer morning of 1987 you can also make a trip to Emmen. You are now going back to Emmen with Express train 18036 and only stop at stations Coevorden, Hardenberg and Ommen. In this part of the scenario you drive to Coevorden. Part 2 then continues on the Vechtdallijn Route.


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