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The Type 12 locomotive, also called 'Atlantic 12', was a steam locomotive of the National Society of Belgian Railways that was in service from 1939 to 1962. This locomotive is the only streamlined steam locomotive that has driven on Belgian railways and became almost exclusively used for express passenger transport between Brussels and Ostend. Thanks to the aerodynamics of these trains, a service speed of 120 km / h was possible. Only one of the six locomotives of this series, with the number 12.004, was preserved.

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    At the end of the 1930s, the SNCB ordered a series of 6 locomotives where the speed factor was predominant.
    They were built by the Belgian consortium of locomotive builders (mainly Cockerill)
    It is the engineer Notes who was the father of the project. These locomotives had large wheels and inner cylinders. The connecting rods are very little visible and are located between the wheels.
    All the big names of the equipment are found in this locomotive:
    Kylchap exhaust, Metcalfe steam injector, Crampton type fireplace, Westinghouse brakes, Knorr compressor, Gresham sandpit, Cosby whistle, Coale valve, etc.
    The loco was careened and thus presented particular aerodynamics also called 'Huet Deviator'. The peculiarity is to have an opening in the front of the shield to create a calm air zone limiting any harmful swirl on the equipment of the locomotive.
    There are also large smokescreens to deflect the smoke and increase the visibility of the operator.
    Its livery is quite simple, uniformly green with a few buff features that underline the bodywork. In 1955 these lines turn yellow.
    The chassis, the wheels, and some connecting rods and mechanisms are black.
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