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Baureihe 01.5 (BR 01.5)

As with the Deutsche Bundesbahn, the DR also faced problems with the boilers of the 01 series locomotives. In 1962 it was decided to renovate 35 locomotives very radically by AW Meiningen and to have them fitted with newly designed boilers, new fittings such as the steam safety, an Indusi installation for automatic train control, new cylinders, smaller wind deflector plates and a new engineer's house. In addition, a number of locomotives were given other driving wheels that did not have the traditional spoke wheels but cast steel cast wheels with specially shaped holes, the so-called boxpok wheels, which were also common in steam locomotives in the Soviet Union. Chimney, steam and sand were hidden from the front of the fume cupboard to the engine house by a graceful plating. All in all, a completely new locomotive type was created with an impressive appearance, which hardly resembled the original Baureihe 01 from 1926. That is why in DDR people also spoke of Rekolokomotive or abbreviated Rekolok. The locomotives were deployed on the main routes in the GDR and also pulled the Berlin - Hamburg interzone trains, but the Dampflokverbot at the DB in 1977 put an end to it abruptly. With a capacity of 2500 PKi on the towbar, the 01.5 series was more powerful than the strongest West-German express train locomotive, the 01.10 series.

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  1. JT Br 01_5 Tastatur belegung

    Small modification of the operation of the East German Class 01.5 from Just Trains.
    Read the included text file for more information which is in English and Dutch.
    And off you go......
    R.C. de Visser - Steamtrains Unlimited


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  2. Baureihe 01.5

    In the early 1960s, the Deutsche Reichsbahn (DR) was still dependent on the express train machines of the 01 series. However, many locomotives had been driven by the D and express train service. Moreover, the old boilers had reached the limits of their capabilities. Based on these circumstances, the DR had 35 copies of the series thoroughly renovated between 1962 and 1965 - the 01.5 was created. Until the mid-1970s, these impressive locomotives were the backbone of the heavy passenger service at the DR. Only in 1982 did the Magdeburg depot set aside the 01 512 as the last locomotive in the series. Today, five museum specimens keep the memory of the 'Reko-01' alive.
    Easy to install Manual in Dutch, English and German  
    Install the included .rwp file with "Utilities.exe" "Clear Cache" or use Train Simulator Blueprint removal tool"


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