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Skoda 109E (BR 102, ZSSK 381 and CD 380)

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The DB Baureihe102 series are DB Regio high-speed electric locomotives, which correspond to the type 109 E of the Czech manufacturer Škoda Transportation. The six ordered locomotives are intended for the Munich-Nuremberg Express, where they should be used from December 2017 together with newly built double-decker trains.

Škoda's first export order for 109Es came from ZSSK in Slovakia. Initially two locomotives were ordered. These were made at the Škoda factory in Plzeň. They have a licensed top speed of 160 km/h (99 mph), the maximum speed on Slovak Railways, and are fitted with GSM-R/ETCS Level 1. The locomotive class received Slovak service certification in 2012. Locomotives are designated as class 381 of ZSSK, numbers 381.001-7 & 381.002-5 and are being used mostly on regional trains on the Bratislava - Trnava - Leopoldov route.

The ČD Baureihe 380 series are electric multi-system locomotives of the Czech railway company České dráhy (ČD), which correspond to the type 109E of the Czech manufacturer Škoda Transportation.

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