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Goods wagons or freight wagons (North America: goods cars or freight cars) (sometimes called goods trucks or freight trucks) are unpowered railway vehicles that are used for the transportation of cargo. A variety of wagon types are in use to handle different types of goods, but all goods wagons in a regional network typically have standardized couplers and other fittings, such as hoses for air brakes, allowing different wagon types to be assembled into trains. For tracking and identification purposes, goods wagons are generally assigned a unique identifier, typically a UIC wagon number, or in North America, a company reporting mark plus a company specific serial number.


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  1. Goederenwagens tijdperk II en III v2.2

    With this release, a small 40 freight cars from the years between about 1930 and 1960 will appear on the TS2015 routes.
    This mainly concerns (variants of) NS types CHD, CHPW, GTMK, HHW, LW, S-CHO and S-CHR.
    In addition, you will find the SSlmas53 and 2- and 4-axle private tank wagons. Also the conductor car Dg is not missing.
    Finally, a DRG Kassel and a NMBS closed freight car were also packed. Sound effects and links are also from Wilbur Graphics.
    More information in the attached user manual (Dutch only).


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  2. [Studio2561] ChrisTrains NS Gbs RepaintPack

    The Gbs freight wagons, which where build named Hbs in the Netherlands, have been part of the freight services for half a century. These wagons have been used not only in the Netherlands, but also on international trains. In this comprehensive RepaintPack, you’ll find different variants of the Gbs wagons.

    Benodigde addons:
    Christrains: NS Gbs Wagon


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