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Repaint CT

NOTE:  These Repaints are  based on the CT NS6400

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  1. Some G1206 Vossloh used on french railways

    This file provides 13 versions of the Mak G1206 Vossloh circulating in France and based on the Christrains model.
    You must therefore have version 4 of the NS 6400 which contains some so-called "lookalike" variants available in shareware at this link:
    As specified these models are made on the basis of "lookalike" therefore containing some defects such as the absence of air conditioning units, missing or incorrect markings not to mention the presence of rotating beacons on the roof. The cabin has not been modified.
    - BASF Roland
    - Colas Rail
    - DVF Dijonnaise de Voies Ferrées
    - Eiffage
    - yellow ETF
    - white ETF
    - Europorte (red / white)
    - Ferrotract (blue / gray)
    - SNCF (original version)
    - SNCF (latest version)
    - TSO Travaux du Sud-Ouest
    - Red VFLI
    - Blue VFLI
    Installation method:
    Install the ".rwp" file using the "Utilities" program located in the Railworks folder.
    Then go to the "\RailWorks\Assets\ChrisTrains\RailSimulator\RailVehicles\Locomotives\Diesel\NS Class 6400" folder and click on the "Install_french_G1206.bat" file which will copy the 3D files.
    As a precaution then empty the cache and it should work.
    For to create your trains search using the words "1206" for private company versions, "61000" for SNCF versions.

    Thanks for downloading and installing this reskin.
    PS the transfer of this file to other servers is not allowed.


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