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The NS Plan X better known as the DE 1/2 or the Blue Angel. These trains were built in the 1950s by Allan & Co in Rotterdam.

In total the series consisted of 30 DE1 diesel single units and 46 DE2 multiple units. The first Plan X trains entered service between 1953 and 1955.

Also built by Allan & Co was the executive coach DE1 20, better known as the 'kameel'. This train was built for inspection purposes.

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  1. NS Plan X

    In 1951 the Dutch Railways ordered 30 diesel single units and 46 diesel multiple units, wich where build by Allan & Co, and were delivered in 1952.
    Also ordered was a a special variant for inspection purposes for the managing board of the Nederlandse spoorwegen (Dutch Railways).
    In this package you can find 18 versions of Plan X in blue, red and yellow colors.
    – 3 versions of the single unit DE1 20 Kameel
    – 4 versions of the single unit DE1
    – 8 versions of the multiple unit DE2 in its original form with a 2 or 3-part trainnumber
    – 3 versions of the multiple unit DE2 in  its refurbished form


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