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NS Mat 24


Materieel '24 was a series of electric railroad equipment from the Dutch Railways. After the arrival of the electric streamline equipment since 1935, the name of this material became Blocks Boxes, after the angular model. Some people on the Dutch Railways and those interested in the railways invariably spoke about "(electric) buffer equipment", to distinguish between the streamlined, buffer-free electric trainsets of the types Mat '35, Mat '36 and Mat '40.

2 files

  1. [Studio2561] Mat’24 EnhancementPack

    The EnhancementPack of the NS Mat'24 includes an "overhaul" of the original ‘Blokkendozen’ by Wilbur Graphics. The rolling stock from the early 1920s and 1930s will get a new life in Train Simulator Classic.
    The following has been modified/added:
    - All carriages and engine boxes from the original package have been addressed and given the most common and therefore "correct" color scheme.
    - New original sound added
    - Repaints for the VSM line added
    Have fun with this EnhancementPack!


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  2. NS Materieel 1924

    The NS Materieel 1924 by Wilbur Graphics consists of the following locomotives:
    • NS Mat 24 Aec
    • NS Mat 24 Bec
    • NS Mat 24 Cec
    • NS Mat 24 mBD
    • NS Mat 24 mBD end carriage
    • NS Mat 24 mCd
    • NS Mat 24 mCd end carriage

    In this version are 5 train compositions included:
    • Mat 24 mBD 6-wagonset (mBD + Bec + Bec + Aec + Cec + mCd)
    • Mat 24 mCd 6-wagonset (mCd + Cec + Aec + Bec + Bec + mBD)
    • Mat 24 mBD 5-wagonset (mBD + Bec + Aec + Cec + mCd)
    • Mat 24 mCd 5-wagonset (mCd + Cec + Aec + Bec + mBD)
    • Mat 24 Museum train set (mBD + Cec + Cec + mCd)
    • Mat 24 stam CBACB (Cec + Bec + Aec + Bec + Cec)
    • Mat 24 stam DCBACB (D6061 + Cec + Bec + Aec + Bec + Cec)
    Easy to install Manual in Dutch  
    Install the included .rwp file with "Utilities.exe" "Clear Cache" or use Train Simulator Blueprint removal tool"


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