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NS 1600 / 1800 & 1700

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The NS Class 1600 / 1800 is a type of B′B′ electric locomotive built by Alstom between 1980 and 1983 based on the SNCF Class BB 7200, and in use by the Dutch Railways since 1981.

The NS Class 1700 locomotives were built by Alstom in 1990-1994. 81 of these locomotives, numbered 1701-1781, were built.

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  1. NS serie 1700/1800 Elektrische Locomotief

    The NS series 1700-1800 by Wilbur Graphics consists of the following locomotives:
    DB 1615 NS 1722 NS 1731 (not drivable!) NS 1734 NS 1737 In addition, this pack also contains associated wagons:
    DB International 119 Apmz & Bpmz DB Cargo Fals 167 VTG Fals 167 With this release, the following preload is provided:
    WG DB 1615 with 20 Fals DB Cargo WG NS 1722 with 20 Fals VTG WG NS 1737 with 8 DBi A/Bpmz More information in the attached user manual (Dutch only).
    Easy to install Manual in Dutch  
    Install the included .exe file "Clear Cache"  


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