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ICL (InterCity Lease) was the designation of a series of Intercity carriages that NS leased from the Deutsche Bahn (DB) during the 2006-2010 period. The carriages were intended to compensate for the material shortage that arose with the introduction of the 2007 timetable in which more trains started to run. These were so-called UIC-X carriages of the Deutsche Bahn from the Aimz, 261 Bimz264 and Bimdz268 series, which rode in Germany as Interregio carriages. In contrast to the ICK carriages previously taken over from the DB, nothing was changed in the interior. The ICL park was supplemented by first class Avmz class coaches, international coaches that were already owned by NS.


ICK is a type of intercity car, built in 1963, that was used by the Dutch Railways between 2002 and April 2009. The abbreviation ICK stands for "Intercity short term", because this second-hand equipment was purchased to bridge a temporary material shortage.

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