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Train Sim World take Train Simulation to a new level with not only driving trains, but also walking around in First person between all those big machines.

Get a first person experience into train simulation when driving trains, let it be scenario's or the 24 hour service mode.

You can drive the trains, ride as a passenger or find collectibles all over the routes.


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  1. Track List (Buchfahrplan) for Rapid Transit

    The majority of European Railroads uses a track information system bundled in a  rack of handheld paperbacks which is to be used by the driver. In German it is called a "Buchfahrplan" and tells the driver every specification on the route the driver is shifted on.  These paperbacks are not intended for public use and neither travellers. Each cabin of a locomotive contains a library of track lists fitted in a rack of paperbacks. For each route the driver is dispatched to it, he/she will have the corresponding track list for the route the drives intend to drive. The present time al Track lists are electronically stored in the computers of the locomotive, EMU or DMU, This isystem is also known as "eBULa" 
    This Track List is intended to be used with the Rapid Transit Route Dessau Hbf - Markkleeberg Gaschwitz from TSW 
    This beta version contains some inproper information of the route.  
    If you find any irregularity due to calculation, Kilometerposts notification or others inproper notification, please DM me right away.
    The best way is to donwload and print out, or if you got a tablet, sent it to your tablet and use your tablet as a "Buchfahrplan' . Keep the tablet open while driving.
    Have fun with it.
    Buchfahrplan Rapid Transit Dessau-Leipzig TSW.pdf


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