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Scenario's (v1.0) (Old)


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  1. (V1)[APNTS] SGMm naar Gouda

    This scenario does not contain any pop-up messages.
    Good afternoon! You may drive to Gouda with an SGMm of 5 carriages (the rear is the 2995). You do NOT stop at Boskoop Snijdelwijk and Waddinxveen Triangel, because you drive according to the old timetable. No other details have been reported. Good luck!
    Service card:
    Alphen aan den Rijn 3
    Bosch 2
    Waddinxveen North 1
    Waddinxveen 1
    Gouda 11


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  2. [1987 - NS] 3534 Gouda - Alphen a/d Rijn

    Back to the 80s
    In this scenario, on a gray summer day in 1987, you bring slow train 3534 from Gouda to Alphen a/d Rijn
    After you have installed yourself and opened the doors, you can enjoy the departing and arriving trains for a while.
    First of all Raast the Rotterdam part from Enschede of train 1734, then the combined slow train 9895 departs from The Hague CS to Zutphen  and Rotterdam to Arnhem,
    Then the Hague part of train 1734 comes and makes a short stop.
    In Alphen a/d Rijn, the scenario will end after the slow train from Leiden to Utrecht CS and the slow train from Utrecht CS to Leiden have both arrived.
    This is a realistic scenario. All passenger trains run according to the real timetable of the timetable from May 31, 1987 - May 28, 1988
    Freight train timetables in the scenario are fictitious.


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  3. [Aiden] Storm Eunice

    U drive with a ICMm to Gouda u will additonal stops at bue to a broken train Waddixveen, Waddixveen trianel and the end Gouda through the storm ''Eunice'' you drive the last train to Gouda of the day 
    you Install this scenario with the Untlities.exe in your Railworks folder


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  4. [Quint Groen] Defecte R-Net vervoeren naar Alphen aan den Rijn (Deel 1)

    Today you can drive the Vectron to Alphen aan den Rijn! This is not a normal service, but is the result of a technical defect in Flirt 3. Your colleague discovered a technical defect on the journey from Gouda to Waddinxveen Triangel and immediately put the train along the platform. About 2 hours later you arrived with the Vectron to move the Flirt to Alphen a/d Rijn asap to re-open the route.
    Good luck!
    Extra information;
    - This is part 1 of the scenario. A second part will therefore be added shortly. This part will also be downloadable from SimTogether.
    - You may run into a red signal between Waddinxveen Triangel and Waddinxveen. You may ignore this signal by requesting permission from the train traffic control using the Tab key.
    Have fun!
    (This is my first scenario by the way!)


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