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  1. [2022 - NS Int, DB Fern, SBB] NJ 403 / IC 60403 Amsterdam Centraal - Zürich HB Deel 6

    Since December 2021, a 2nd Nightjet has been operating from the Netherlands towards the East. Nightjet 403 from Amsterdam Central to Zurich HB is the new connection
    Despite the fact that the OBB is the operator of the Nightjet network, NS International, together with DB Fernverkehr and the SBB, is responsible for the train.
    Nightjet 403 consists of only 5 carriages, 3 Couchettes lying carriages and 2 WLABm Sleeping carriages. Nightjet 403 will travel in combination with the Night IC 60403. In addition to the 5 Nightjet cars, 1 first class and 3 2nd class IC cars from the SBB and 4 second class IC cars from the DB are driving along.
    The scenario consists of 10 parts on different routes. In this first part we start on the HSL Rotterdam - Amsterdam route.
    Today you drive the Nightjet 403 all the way from Amsterdam Central to Frankfurt am Main Hbf where the train makes a head and DB Fenverkehr will take over the train to Basel SBB.
    In the meantime the night has set in and you can leave Köln Hbf. For the 6th part of the scenario  drive via the Linker Rhein strecke to Koblenz Hbf. Along the way you will also stop at Bonn Hbf station.
    This is a realistic scenario. The player train and all AI Passenger trains will run according to the real 2022 timetable, which will take effect as of December 2021. Freight train timetables are fictitious.


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