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Doppelstockwagen DBmu & DBmq

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  1. Doppelstockwagen DBmu & DBmq

    This carriage set contains a total of 7 double-decker carriages of the following types:

    - 2x double-decker intermediate DBmu in Rehbraun and red wine of the DR
    - 2x double-decker intermediate DBmtruee in Rehbraun and red wine of the DR
    - 2x control car DBmq in Rehbraun and red wine of DR
    - 1x control car DBmq in Rehbraun with dynamic advertising spaces of DB

    The control cars are not driveable. It will be the Railworks standard sound used. OHowever, optional bin files for users of Armstrong Powerhouse are included.

    Please also refer to the manual!
    Easy to install Manual in German  
    Install the included .rwp file with "Utilities.exe" "Clear Cache" or use Train Simulator Blueprint removal tool"


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