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HSL Zuid

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HSL Zuid is a route build by the HSL Team. It runs from Amsterdam to Rotterdam via the HSL.



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  1. HSL Amsterdam - Breda - Noorderkempen

    Afters years of waiting, version 2 of the HSL route is finally here!
    In this new version you can enjoy the extension to Breda and Noorderkempen, just across the border with Belgium.
    The HSL route for Train Simulator is a detailed representation of the real thing! Including superelevated tracks, realistic 3D overhead wires and photo realistisch objects all over the route.
    We hope you enjoy this new update of the HSL route!
    Note: it is wise to uninstall the older version of the route first before installing it. This is because old scenarios are not compatible with the new version.


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  2. HSL Zuid Amsterdam - Rotterdam

    The Schiphol–Antwerp high-speed railway is a high-speed rail line connecting Schiphol Airport railway station, to Antwerp, Belgium. This track is suitable for reaching of high speeds. This version runs from Watergraafsmeer/Amsterdam to Rotterdam.

    This High speed track was built between 2000 and 2006 and opened at 15 June 2009. At 15 September 2009 the first trains were able to run between Amsterdam and Rotterdam and as of December 2009 the full line was serviced except the branch to Breda which was opened at 3 April 2011.

    This track is being part of the international Paris – Amsterdam service and has an important function for domestic transport within the Netherlands. Trains are using regular track between Amsterdam and Hoofddorp. Thalys Paris – Amsterdam can reach a maximum speed of 300 km/u on the High speed railway.

    The HSL-South/HSL 4 track contains 25 KV AC voltage instead of the regular 1500 V DC voltage in the Netherlands and 3000 V in Belgium, just like the Betuweroute running in the Netherlands and Germany.

    Please read the readme carefully in order to make sure you have all required assets and rolling-stock. A couple of scenarios are included.
    62 kilometers long 8 Stations Manual in Dutch New download links in the "Requirements" tab  
    Install the included .rwp file with "Utilities.exe" "Clear Cache" or use Train Simulator Blueprint removal tool"


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