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Stadler FLIRT 3

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Features of the FLIRT are fast acceleration, high braking power and low weight. The first version got a maximum speed of 160 km / h.

The FLIRT is modular, making it easy to adapt to the requirements and wishes of the customer.


The adaptability is expressed in the maximum speed (120 to 200 km / h), the length (two to six cars), the floor height (55 or 76 cm) and the power supply of the overhead line (25 kV / 50 Hz and 15 kV / 16.67 Hz AC, and 3 kV and 1.5 kV DC).


The ends of the carriages rest on Jacobs bogies, allowing wide carriage transitions. The drive uses IGBT, which is located in the bogies of the top buckets. With longer trains and trains with a higher maximum speed, an extra motor can also be placed in a bogie in the middle of the train.


Since 2013, Flirt trains have been supplied with a new design known as Flirt 3. This design was necessary after the European Commission drafted new rules for the crash safety of trains, the EN 15227 standard.




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