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Hausach - Konstanz



The Black Forest Route (KBS 720) is a main route in Baden-Württemberg (Germany). The part shown in this extension (Hausach via Triberg to Villingen) is part of the most remarkable stage of the whole route. It overcomes a height difference of 564 meters on a length of only 38 Kilometers. At the same time the trains pass through 37 tunnels that wind their way through the mountains. With a length of 18 Meters only one of them is the shortest in the whole railway network in Germany. The Route Extension of 52 Kilometers allows you to drive your train from Hausch in the Black Forest through the maintains to the plains in Konstanz. Experience varied landscapes, remarkable buildings and the route's charm that is unique in Germany.






3DZUG: Hausach-Konstanz

Join Together: Hausach - Konstanz (A Konstanz - Villingen route extension)

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