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  1. MDVC/E Repaints

    In 1980 the Italian State Railways found itself with a large number of new and reliable vehicles in circulation for long and international routes, while for domestic medium-distance services vehicles designed or conceived for other types of service were often used.
    To complete the fleet renewal operations, the FS therefore ordered a new family of carriages, called "Medium Distances": in the following years two versions were created, very similar, whose main difference was in the positioning of the vestibules and equipment.
    The MDVC is the first version realized: the name means "Medie Distanze Vestiboli Centrali", even if it would be more correct to call them "paracentral".

    Required freeware:
    - http://www.amicitreni.org/download/redirect.php?dlid=733&ENGINEsessID=8bb68bf65b7c85ea3553cf80bc3bd245
    - http://www.amicitreni.org/download/redirect.php?dlid=763&ENGINEsessID=cef5ac85bd41f8597bc53a2200a94ba8
    Payware  for Cab Helm position


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