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Mitteleinstiegswagen der DR/DB

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  1. Mitteleinstiegswagen der DR/DB

    Mitteleinstiegswagen carriage of the Deutsche Reichsbahn and Deutsche Bahn AG

    1x carriage with center entry in beige-green, DR
    1x carriage with center entry in emerald green, DR
    1x carriage with center entry in dark green, DR
    1x carriage with center entry in beige-green, DB AG

    All vehicles have animated doors, dynamic numbering, seasons dependent sidewall textures as well as randomly loaded roof textures.

    The carriage use the Railworks standard sounds. However, Armstrong Powerhouse Addons Mk1 / 2 Coach owners have modified bin files included. In addition, a Kupplingsfix can be found that prevents the rubber tire effect (pulling cars apart when approaching) of Railworks' own German chain coupling.

    For further information, please refer to the enclosed manual in PDF format.
    Easy to install Manual in German  
    Install the included .rwp file with "Utilities.exe" "Clear Cache" or use Train Simulator Blueprint removal tool"


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