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[Fictional] Dadizele land (Bèta)

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  1. Dadizele Land Publieke Beta 2 /

    This is the 1st beta of the route "Dadizele Land".
    The first beta is focused on testing and seeing how the route becomes. The infrastructure is pretty much complete. In beta 1, the Route will go from Dadizele via Süd to Frankenkos. So in this beta it is only 2 stops and a total of 30 minutes of running with headers and testing.

    The trains in the scenarios are from SKTrains.

    Included scenarios:
    S42 During track work (M6) S22 (M6) Testing with the DMT (MS96)
    In V0.1.1 the following has been updated:
    Signals Dadizele to Dadizele Süd. Platforms Dadizele now have departure switch lamps. Signals entry to Dadizele went from 30 to 40. Signals Dadizele Süd -> Frankenkos adapted. Speed at the entry of Frankenkos has been reduced from 130 to 90. Additional signs have been placed at certain spots. Line signs have also been placed.
    You can always report bugs on the forum.
    gebruikte leveranciers.zip


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