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Baureihe 23 (BR 23)

The German Baureihe 23 (series 23) is a series of 105 steam locomotives for passenger trains built in 1950-'59. The design of this series is according to the Neubaulokomotive concept plan for the construction of a number of new steam locomotive series for the newly established Deutsche Bundesbahn. The series was intended for passenger trains and express trains and had the axle layout 1'C1 '. This locomotive series was the last built for the DB, locomotive 23 105 is the last built DB steam locomotive (built in 1959).

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  1. DB Baureihe (0)23

    The first 2-6-2 locomotives of the series 23 were delivered to the Deutsche Bundesbahn (DB) by the firm of Henschel in 1950. These engines were designed to pull heavy passenger trains as replacements for the aging P8, the first of which had been built for the KPEV, one of the predecessors of DRG. Until 1959 a total of 105 engines of these powerful and handsome series have been constructed by several German locomotive builders. Number 23 105 deserves special mentioning since it was the last new steam locomotive of which the DB took delivery. The type is not only interesting from a technical point of view but also because a rather large number of locos have been saved from the cutter’s torch. No less than eight engines can still be admired in railway museums or are being operated by preserved railways in Holland, Germany and Switzerland. These survivors have been recreated by us as rolling stock objects for TS 2017.
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