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  • [DEC] 2400 Soundmod By Dutch Experienced Creators

    This NS 2400 soundmod for Train Simulator enhances the auditory experience of the locomotive by incorporating realistic effects such as the diesel engine, rolling, and braking sounds, providing an even more immersive virtual experience. Video:  
  • Michael1234 HSL Amsterdam - Rotterdam - Antwerpen By Michael1234

    The HSL route from Amsterdam to Antwerp offers an effortless journey through the beautiful countryside of the Netherlands and Belgium. Starting at the buzzing Amsterdam Centraal Station, the train travels through picturesque Dutch and Belgian countryside and cities including Rotterdam, Breda, Noorderkempen before reaching its final destination in the glamorous city of Antwerp. Enjoy this detailed route equipped with ERTMS and ATB protection, Belgian and Dutch overhead catenary of conventional
  • BertTrain Heuvelland route By BertTrain

    Heuvelland is a fictional Dutch route for Train Simulator. This route is situated in a hilly landscape comparable to the South of the Netherlands. The route is about 50 km long. There are two routes between the cities of Eelten and Aalbricht: a double track route via Burghem and a single track route via Glasbeek.
  • 't Hart van Nederland V2.0 By Trains-xp

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    Short but sweet; here's the official upgrade to 't Hart van Nederland V2.0! It was about time again to put this online after the many changes compared to 't HvN V1.6 after a few earlier test versions. Due to this change, as usual, third-party scenarios can give an error, e.g. being next to the rails. Furthermore, there are of course the many objects from Frison, Coha and Chris, among others, that have been added. So make sure the packages are up-to-date to avoid missing objects. And ag
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