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  • Belgie [Updated] [RSB] BR186 "Traxx" TBL1+ update By Lander0606

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    In this update, the Belgian train control system TBL1+/MEMOR has been added to ChrisTrains' BR 186 "Traxx". MEMOR is the predecessor of TBL1+ and works with so-called "crocodiles" that lie between the rails at a signal, for example. TBL1+ was introduced in 2008, and in the meantime is already slowly being replaced by the European ETCS. Today, TBL1+ is present on virtually the entire Belgian rail network.   Installation: Install the necessary updates for the Traxx and the C
  • BertTrain Museumlijn Maastricht - Vaals By BertTrain

    The tram line Maastricht - Vaals is a lost steam tram line in the Limburg hills. The line connected Maastricht and Vaals between 1922/1925 and 1938 via Gulpen and Wijlre. The line had a length of 28 kilometers and was carried out in standard gauge. The simulation assumes that the line has been operated for a longer period of time. In the 1990s, the “Stichting Museumlijn Maastricht – Vaals” (SMMV) was established. After approval from the provincial government, the dilapidated line was made a
  • Michael1234 HSL Amsterdam - Breda - Noorderkempen By Michael1234

    Afters years of waiting, version 2 of the HSL route is finally here! In this new version you can enjoy the extension to Breda and Noorderkempen, just across the border with Belgium. The HSL route for Train Simulator is a detailed representation of the real thing! Including superelevated tracks, realistic 3D overhead wires and photo realistisch objects all over the route.   We hope you enjoy this new update of the HSL route!   Note: it is wise to uninstall the older
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