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  • markusxy Salzburg- Schwarzach St.Veit By Lander0606

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    The line was built in 2015, as the new Salzburg main station was completed in that year and the Bad Vigauen station was still in its old state. The line runs from Salzburg HBF to Schwarzach St Veit and is part of the Salzburg Tiroler Bahn, on which the S3 also runs.   Features: Easy to install Manual in German   Installation: Install the included .rwp file with "Utilities.exe" "Clear Cache" or use Train Simulator Blueprint removal tool"
  • treinspotterbram G1206 Repaint Pack By treinspotterbram

    This a repaint pack made for the Christrains G1206. This package contains 22 unique repaints: CT MaK1206 AT 1375 CT MaK1206 AT 1506 CT MaK1206 AT 1796 CT MaK1206 ERS 1202 CT MaK1206 ERS 1203 CT MaK1206 IRP 2201 CT MaK1206 IRP 2211 CT MaK1206 LC 1505 CT MaK1206 LC 1506 CT MaK1206 LC 1601 CT MaK1206 LC 1796 CT MaK1206 LNS 1571 CT MaK1206 LTE 5633 CT MaK1206 MRCE 1553 CT MaK1206 MRCE 7110 CT MaK1206 RFO 1572 CT MaK
  • 't Zuiden van Nederland By ClipmeneerNL

    This is the latest version of the South of the Netherlands. This is an update to the existing version. For additional information, take a look at the manual.   New in version 1.6 -Wop v3 tracks now works on this route -Scenario [RSM] IC to Schiphol Airport has changed correctly 
  • GertMeering Repaints HLE 18/19 Vectron RSSLO By GertMeering

    2 repaints of the Vectron '' Standard '' (so no Advanced) Install RWP and add the GEOPCDX file from the original  location.   ..\Rsslo\Locomotiv\Vectron\Engine\DB_3100_B.GeoPcDx                                         to ..\Rsslo\Locomotiv\Vectron\Engine_SNCB 1888 ..\Rsslo\Locomotiv\Vectron\Engine_SNCB 1922   There are Preloads included. Just drive!   Laat een berichtje achter als je hier toch bent !

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