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  • DEC DEC K-Trains NS Vectron repaint pack By Dutch Experienced Creators

    NS leased 4 Siemens Vectrons from the company ELL. It started with the 766 and 759, they run the the Nightjet to Vienna and Innsbruck. Later they leased the 263 and 733, which are used for the Nightjet to Zurich The 263 and the 733 got an ‘improved’ colour scheme, compared to the others.   In this repaint pack you will find 6 reskins. 4 Vectrons (263, 733, 759 & 766) in the NS-Flow colour scheme, and two fictional reskins: One in the Fyra scheme and one in the ‘old’ NS-Intercity sc
  • [DEC] NS ICR(m) Pack By Dutch Experienced Creators

    The ICR was the main Intercity coaches of the NS back in the day. For that reason we must have them in TS! Dirt and clean! I also made some special version we didn’t have yet.
  • Route De Oude Lijn (Den Haag-Haarlem) By Edgarii

    Welcome to De Oude Lijn version 1.0. This route runs from The Hague to Leiden and Haarlem. From Haarlem there is also a possibility to go to Zandvoort. The route is about 65 kilometers long with countless options. From Sprinter to Intercity or freight train. With large cities and large meadow countryside, this route is also very mixed in terms of landscape. Take a look into the map and have fun!   Manuals: De_Oude_Lijn_v1.01_handleiding.pdfDe_Oude_Lijn_v1.01_manual.pdf  
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