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  • 't Zuiden van Nederland 1.6 / By ClipmeneerNL

    This is the latest version of the South of the Netherlands. This is an update to the existing version. For additional information, take a look at the manual.   New in version 1.6 -Wop v3 tracks now works on this route -Scenario [RSM] IC to Schiphol Airport has changed correctly 
  • GM Stations Objecten 2021 By GertMeering

    This package contains :   Various Abri's 2021  Loose lamp for under the waiting Abri's 2x Arriva ticket Board Attention Train Various benches New set of bicycle sheds Platform stairs Sign HUB Bins Various Arriva objects And a new set of platform lights   Objects with Nighttextures   Please leave a message if you download or use it  😉 It is a small effort  
  • BertTrain Heuvelland route By BertTrain

    Heuvelland is a fictional Dutch route for Train Simulator. This route is situated in a hilly landscape comparable to the South of the Netherlands. The route is about 50 km long. There are two routes between the cities of Eelten and Aalbricht: a double track route via Burghem and a single track route via Glasbeek.
  • Michael1234 Nederlandse bovenleiding 1.4 / By Michael1234

    This package was originally intended as an exclusive set for Project Randstad, but due to increasing demand for this package, it was nevertheless decided to release it as a separate package for everyone. The set is meant to give routes an even more realistic picture, in my opinion overhead contact line is an important part of a route, because you constantly drive underneath it. A lot of time has been devoted to the development and testing of the set, but due to the complexity of the set, it
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