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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Scenario for ZWNL v1.9 Intercity NS DDZ 8 Roosendaal - Breda
  2. In deze video rijd ik het scenario : ZWNL1.9 Intercity Roosendaal - Vlissingen. rijdend met de NS DDZ. scenario te downloaden hier op SimTogether bij de ZWNL v1.9 Scenarios.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Scenario for ZWNL v1.9 Intercity NS DDZ6 Roosendaal - Vlissingen
  4. Version 1.0.1


    Scenario for ZWNL v1.9 Stopping Passenger NS SLT 4+4 Dordrecht - Breda.
  5. Version 1.9.0003


    This a patch update for Zuid-West Nerderland v.1.9 -Bergen op zoom , Fix Overhead wire just after station -Dordrecht , Platfom markers adjusted and a few objects -Dordrecht , replaces signal at track 3 en 4..
  6. In deze video Test is de route Zuid-west nederland doormiddel van een Scenario van Vlissingen naar Rotterdam Centraal. dit is alleen de hele rit. niet de hele stream. dus ga lekker zitten en geniet van ZWNLv2.0
  7. op de website van Christrains kun je een link vinden voor de GertMeering objecten , verder zitten de speciale objecten van Gert voor de route toegevoeg in de Assets die bij de route horen. Link : Christrains veel gebruikte Assets voor NL Routes
  8. Nee , het gaat hier om de zelfde 1.9 als het een andere versie is zal het versie nummer verschillen . dus heb je 1.9 al bij mij op de site gedownload heb je deze route al.
  9. Version 1.9


    ZWNL 1.9 (Do not forget to download the updated patch for 1.9) - What has changed! -Catenary One of the biggest changes to the route will be the new overhead line. 100% of the route has been adjusted to make way for a new catenary system from "Michael1234" a very extensive system that makes a big difference for every NL route. For example, the route now has 99% the overhead line as in real life! (sometimes it's just not possible to get it exactly the same) -Track The track has also had a major change, the tracks are still from COHA, but there are a large number of tracks adapted, switches renewed and the track has also been given more color. just to give an example on Roosendaal is a big one part of the shunting track rebuilt to reality also to get the catenary in place. -Stations Middelburg station has been modified and now has its real station building thanks to Frison. there are also a number of platforms Updated with new platform types to make everything just that little bit. -Scenery The area also had an overhaul with the SBS tree package by adding and replacing a large number of trees, bushes etc. this so that the skyline in the route corresponds better with reality. South-West Netherlands goes through 3 provinces and a small piece of Belgium. Zeeland - 10 station - Vlissingen - Vlissingen - Souburg - Middelburg - Arnemuiden - Vlissingen - Oost ( industrie ) - Goes - Kapelle - Biezelingen - Kruiningen - Yerseke - Krabbendijke - Rilland - Bath Brabant - 8 stations - Bergen op Zoom - Roosendaal - Etten - Leur - Breda - Breda Prinsenbeek - Oudenbosch - Zevenbergen - Lage Zwaluwen Zuid - Holland - 2 stations - Dordrecht - Zuid - Dordrecht Belgium- 1 station - Essen
  10. Version 1.0


    This package contains 4 repaints for the ChrisTrains NS Mat'64 made by Leonhearth007. Contents: - Mat'64 with Delta Lloyd advertisement - Mat'64 with Siemens advertisement - Mat'64 with DE Logo (Douwe Egberts Coffee) - Mat'64 in old Green Livery Features: Easy to install Manual in Dutch Installation: Ga naar de map "railworks". Plaats hier de map "assets" "Clear Cache" of gebruik "Train Simulator Blueprint removal tool" Required addons: ChrisTrains: NS Mat '64
  11. Version 1.0


    Many have waited for it, but he is finally here! The TreinPuint jubilee VIRM Please note that the ChrisTrains V-IRM is required for this train. For more information we recommend you to consult the manual. Features: Easy to install Manual in Dutch Installation: Go to the folder "railworks" Insert here the folder "assets" "Clear Cache" or use "Train Simulator Blueprint removal tool" Required addons: ChrisTrains: NS VIRM(m)
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