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  1. Rodachtalbahn Plus

    Rodachtalbahn Plus version 2.01

    The "big" Rodachtalbahn Plus.
    - new branch from Hof to Marktredwitz - 41.5 km main line!
    - Homemade HV / compact signals
    - Conversion of the shape signals to RLB
    - Extensive and detailed route network
    - Homemade tracks in many variants
    - self-made branch line light signals (based on Schuster scripts)
    - Homemade turnout lanterns in many variations
    - Original replica station building in Hof and Marktredwitz built by "ice"
    - Originally built buildings at some train stations built by me (e.g. Nordhalben, Naila, Steinwiesen, Röslau, Neuhof, Köditz, Selbitz, Marxgrün ...)
    - Homemade hectometer stones according to original dimensions
    - hundreds of home-made assets
    - Locomotive shed in the yard with manually opening doors
    - over 1800 hours of construction time!
    - and much more ....

    Have fun with it.
    Rodachtalbahn Plus Readme 2.01 English.pdf


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