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Railworks Enhancer Presets







RW Enhancer is a graphics enhancement addon for Train Simulator 20xx.

This addon will improve your Train Simulator experience by adding new shaders based effects.
RWE is fully configurable with the provided configuration software and is compatible with all existing and future routes and addons. Those new effects are carefully optimized and have no significant performance impact. You can even have a better framerate by configuring various performance related settings.


Basic program:


https://www.rwcentral.com/store/product/6-rw-enhancer-pro/ (PRO version)


Share your Railworks Enhancer Presets with the rest of the community here!

1 file

  1. [STUL] Preset Steam Era.xml

    The first preset for RWEnhangerPro includes an adapted XML file to be imported into RWEnhangerPro. 
    The file is adapted to use with steam loco's
    Once downloaded into the source map of RWEnhangerPro or different location you simply use the import Preset button in the Preset Manager Tab.
    The Install and compile the preset file and start TS20XX 
    Have Fun


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