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NS Plan U

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Plan U was a type of three-part diesel-electric trainset (the official designation: DE3) of the Dutch Railways. These trainsets were built between 1960 and 1963 by Werkspoor in Utrecht and entered service under numbers 111-152. As an example of the previous electrical equipment '54 (Hondekop), the nose had a more modern design. The trainsets consist of three carriage bodies; The Werkspoor diesel engine of the RUHB type (later replaced by a SACM engine) with a power of 1000 hp / ~ 736 kW was installed in a front carriage body, which, in combination with the lower weight, allowed these diesel multiple units to be towed faster than their predecessors.

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  1. NS Plan U

    Seven versions of NS Plan U in the color liveries  red and yellow.


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