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The first series 18 is a series of six electric locomotives polytensions ordered in 1970 by the SNCB, because of the lack of power of the locomotives of the series 15 then engaged on the axis Paris - Brussels, following the increase of the demand - and therefore the weight to be towed - on these Trans-Europ-Express relations. These engines derive from CC 40100 of the SNCF and were built by the Brugeoise and Nivelles under license, and on the basis of elements provided by Alsthom, manufacturer of the French machines.

Series 18 & 19 (Siemens) form a fleet of 120 polycurrent electric locomotives initially ordered to 60 units on 12 December 2006 by SNCB from Siemens AG (an option for 60 additional locomotives was converted into additional order at the end of 2008).

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  1. HLE 1805 STATIC

    The locomotive series 18 was a type of electric locomotive that was used by SNCB between 1973 and 1999.
    they were, with the exception of some other technical equipment and a higher capacity, equal to the SNCF series CC40100.
    1 versions Manual in French  
    Install the included .rwp file with Utilities.exe "Steam\SteamApps\common\RailWorks" start the game and "Clear Cache" Restart the game and have fun  
    Required addons:
    YellowCat: HLR 91xx pakket


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