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Hamburg - Hanover is a route build by Dovetail Games, is a 153km (95 mile) route from Hamburg to Hanover, incl. Maschen Marshalling Yard, Uelzen Metronom Depot, Hanover Flughaven Station, Hanover Nordstadt Bahnhof and Hamburg Docks

The main section of the route from Celle to Harburg opened on 1 May 1847. Nineteen years later, the line reached Hamburg, and by 1906 was open to Hanoverian station, today known as Hamburg Hauptbahnhof.

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  1. [2020 - DB Cargo] Mannheim Rbf - Hamburg Veddel

    In this scenario you are en route with a freight train from Mannheim Rangierbahnhof to Hamburg-Veddel.
    You have arrived in Lüneburg, where you have come to a stop at a stop signal. You have to wait for intersection with an IC from Westerland. Then you can continue driving.
    On the way near Marchen you have to disconnect a few cars, these will later continue with another train. In Hamburg - Veddel you have to park the loco for a while and then take the official car to the location.
    This is a realistic scenario, and a little bit fictional. All AI passenger trains run according to the real timetable that will be in effect in Germany in 2020.
    The timetable of the Cargo AI trains and the player train in this story are fictional.
    Preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ff9EjLrfwkI


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