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  1. Soundupdate voor de [RLB Team] V200DR

    Soundupdate for the [RLB Team] V200DR V1.0
    This is a sound update for the DR V200.
    The soundupdate also works with all repaints for the V200DR RLB team.
    These are original recordings of a series 220 (V200DR).
    A feast for the ears of lovers of fat diesel sounds!
    The installation:
    Install Rwp with the TS package manager (Utilities.exe).
    What's new:

    - new alarm sound
    - new sound when using switches and buttons
    - new horn
    - new engine sound from original recordings
    - new turbo sound
    - new engine start sound
    - new sound when switching off the engine
    ... and more!

    Have fun with the new sound!

    Attention! The new sound is very heavy!

    The replacementsound requires the DR V200 from RLB Team.



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