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ChrisTrains SNG

18.15 EUR (2 reviews)

This ChrisTrains CAF Civity SNG (Sprinter New Generation) passenger train add-on for Train Simulator includes the three-wagon NS 2300 series and the four-wagon NS 2700 series, with ATB-EG (train protection system) emulation, detailed cabview and Second Class passenger view with working destination display. The loco's feature dynamic autonumbering and smart scripting for cab lighting, custom controls, destination boards and more.


This ChrisTrains add-on for Train Simulator brings you a reproduction of the CAF Civity SNG passenger train that can be seen all over Holland.

Free included scenarios for SimTogether Customers
All scenarios include announcement

Scenario Duration Route
Zie ginds komt de SNG                     60 minutes Krammerdijks Deltaland 2.1

The SNG EMU’s traveled from the manufacturer in Spain to the Netherlands by rail. Your task is to bring them to their final destination in Krammendijk. You will do this with the dieselelectric ex-NS 6400. You have to shunt in Zevenberg aan Zee and Krammendijk in cooparation with some of your colleages so you have to overcome some challenges


Scenario Duration Route
Doet 'ie of doet 'ie het niet               30 minutes Krammerdijks Deltaland 2.1

Before the SNG units are allowed to carry passengers on board, they have to be tested properly. That’s why your task is to drive one of those test-drives from Krammendijk to Lepenaar. The safety-instructor will give you some instructions on the way.


Scenario Duration Route
Feestelijke start van de SNG             30 minutes Krammerdijks Deltaland 2.1

Short after the farewell of the Mat’64 EMU’s the NS can now celebrate the entry of the new SNG EMU’s. You are driving an extra train from Lepenaar to Krammendijk Centraal full of special guests. All willing to see the festival that has been organized at the workshop of Krammendijk. Enjoy!


Scenario Duration Route
Een drukke ochtend in het Deltaland 90 minutes Krammerdijks Deltaland 2.1

On a misty morning, your task is to drive a sprinter service from Zevenberg aan Zee to Lepenaar. Due to the weather conditions however, there are several disturbances. The question remains what this is going to mean for your train. You will discover that answer in this scenario.


Scenario Duration Route
Soms zit het mee en soms...              60 minutes Krammerdijks Deltaland 2.1

You have been called for duty: a SNG EMU has broken down on the route to Hemdrecht near the junction of Haze-Wind. Your task to tow this unfortunate Sprinter-train back to the workshop in Krammendijk with a ICMm EMU.


Required rolling-stock for scenarios: 


Supplier ChrisTrains
Genre Add-on
Format Download
Required game Train Simulator 2019 or higher 
Language  Dutch, English and German
Operating system Windows® 7/8/8.1/10



Exclusive SimTogether Offer
5 free scenarios are included
2 versions: NS 2300 series (3 wagons) and NS 2700 series (4 wagons)
Detailed cabview.
 ATB (train protection systems) emulations.
Second class passenger view with working passenger information display (destination). 
 Uses smart scripting for cab lighting, custom controls, destination boards and more.
  Dynamic autonumbering.
 Can be used in your own scenarios, and is available in QuickDrive.
 English User's manuals supplied as a PDF file.
 Free updates for life.


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